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In addition to being a global health crisis and an economic crisis, COVID-19 is fundamentally an information problem of a size and scale the world has never seen before. As with any complex, global information problem, the solution will require intelligent use of data and technology, and the ability for the right parties to come together to create ecosystems of impact.

About the Effort

Founded on the belief that the private sector is a powerful part of the solution, the US Rapid Action Consortium has a clear mission: to safely and effectively reopen the US economy faster.

With millions of lives impacted and billions of dollars being lost in economic activity each week, the US Rapid Action Consortium aims to create a COVID-19 rapid action testing system to better enable US businesses in creating safer workplaces.

The US Rapid Action Consortium is an expansion of a successful program led by the Creative Destruction Lab Rapid Screening Consortium (CDL RSC) in Canada, of which Genpact is a founding partner. Genpact, the Creative Destruction Lab, and COVID Collaborative have come together to launch this Consortium to rapidly accelerate a safe reopening of the US economy.

Scientists and experts agree that COVID-19 will not be fully eradicated anytime soon, and rapid antigen testing, along with other actions, are essential to public and workplace safety. Testing and vaccinations are two critical elements of an effective reopening strategy that will go hand in hand.


Each company must:

  • Make available 2-3 dedicated resources for this effort
  • Enable IT teams to connect to the central data system and set up the company's local pilot dashboard
  • Provide funding to purchase tests and cover the IT set up
  • Commit to 60 hours of “pay it forward" time (over 10 weeks) for information sharing and supporting current and future participating companies


White House unveils new Covid strategy for next phase of pandemic

The Biden administration released the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, a road map to help people get back to their pre-pandemic routines.

Heidi Przybyla and Rebecca Shabad

Genpact Named to Fortune's 'Change the World' List of Innovative Companies Driving Social Impact

Recognition reflects Genpact's role in catalyzing the private sector as a force for good, bringing together academics, scientists, organizations, and businesses to help reopen the US economy faster with rapid COVID-19 workplace testing

A bipartisan group of former health officials urge more safety rules in the private sector.

The new private-sector push is being driven by the Covid Collaborative, a bipartisan group of political and scientific leaders working on vaccine education, which has worked closely with the White House on the issue of vaccine hesitancy. John Bridgeland, a co-founder of the Covid Collaborative, said the plan was to get 1,000 businesses or more to act.

Annie Karni Image credit: Melissa Melvin/FRE, via Associated Press

Slavitt: Companies requiring vaccines would make 'enormous difference' in fight against Covid-19

Former White House Senior Covid Response Advisor, Andy Slavitt, discusses the growing list of businesses requiring their employees and customers to be vaccinated against coronavirus as the delta variant drives cases up. He tells Stephanie Ruhle that “leading companies need to find a path to vaccinate the workforce.”

Bipartisan Leaders & Public Health Experts Urge Private Sector Leaders to Increase Vaccination, Establish #COVIDSafeZones

"Former Biden, Trump, Obama, and Bush Health Officials, among other national leaders, call on U.S. companies to boost vaccination in the workplace and take action to maintain safe spaces and prevent the spread of the Delta variant. Major employers including Accenture, Baptist Health, Centene, Computer Generated Solutions, Kaiser Permanente, and Live Nation have joined ""COVIDSafeZones"" and taken steps to maximize vaccinations of their workforce"

"Former Biden, Trump, Obama, and Bush Health Officials, among other national leaders, call on U.S. companies to boost vaccination in the workplace and take action to maintain safe spaces and prevent the spread of the Delta variant. Major employers inclu

Andy Slavitt, President Biden’s former COVID advisor, is urging Americans to get vaccinated and keep wearing masks. “Playing politics is a luxury of wealthy nations with abundant vaccines, but it's not a luxury we can afford when COVID heats up,” he says.

Warren Olney Image credit: Shutterstock

The Power of Public-Private Collaboration to Solve Future Health Care Challenges

COVID Collaborative’s John Bridgeland presents this discussion on "The Power of Public-Private Collaboration to Solve Future Health Care Challenges," featuring Juliet Choi, CEO of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF), and Janet Murguía, President and CEO of UnidosUS. (Video courtesy of AHIP’s Institute & Expo ONLINE 2021)


The US needs a nonpartisan commission to evaluate pandemic features

President Biden or Congress should charter a national commission report.

Editorial Board Image credit: Stephanie Lecocq/AFP/Getty Images

Harvard School of Public Health Faculty Spearhead National Covid-19 Response Efforts Through Bipartisan, Interdisciplinary Initiative

"Harvard School of Public Health Dean Michelle A. Williams said in an interview she was “inspired” to co-found the COVID Collaborative — a coalition of leading health and economic experts promoting comprehensive public health policies — in an effort to help direct local and national responses to the coronavirus pandemic."

Ariel H. Kim and Anjeli R. Marcaranas Image credit: Ryan N. Gajarawala

A program that boosted rapid testing in Canada will try to do the same in the U.S.

A team of Canadian researchers who brought together some of that country’s largest businesses to scale up a rapid coronavirus testing program is now trying to replicate its success in the United States, with the aim of reviving the economy and getting thousands of Americans back to work.

Emily Anthes and Sheryl Gay Stolberg Image credit: Tara Walton for The New York Times

John Bridgeland: Americans Can Do Anything… If They Are Just Asked

Sometimes you unexpectedly gain an insight that completely changes your lens upon the world. Over the last six months, I’ve had that experience related to America’s number one challenge—COVID-19—but not in the way you might think.

John M. Bridgeland

Related Initiatives

#COVIDSafeZones: Sports

Aug 26, 2021

COVID Collaborative and Autonomy 5 Conferences are uniting to encourage team vaccinations, students and college sports communities to slow the spread of COVID. They have published an open letter, calling for #COVIDSafeZones on college game days, endorsed by public health experts and former officials from the past 5 presidential administrations. They have also put out a statement on #COVIDSafeZones and game day safety endorsed by the medical directors of the major college sports leagues.

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