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"What is clear, as the second pandemic spring tilts into the second pandemic summer, is that efforts like the COVID Collaborative will be needed for some time to come."
— New York Times, June 16, 2021

A bipartisan approach to pandemic security? It’s within reach

Americans should be worried — and hopeful — that the Biden administration has announced it will end the Covid-19 public health emergency in May.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Be Over When Americans Think It Is

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end in the U.S.? Is it over when the president says so, by scientific consensus, or when the public thinks so? Historians of pandemics think it’s mainly the latter.

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What will happen to the orphans of covid-19?

At least 10.5 million children have been orphaned by covid-19. David Cox reports on the global efforts to recognise and secure a future for them.

David Cox

3 Things we get wrong in responding to child grief — and how to do better

t’s easy to rattle off the visible effects the covid-19 pandemic has had on schools, starting with school closures in 2020 and continuing through mask debates, teacher burnout and ongoing behavioral challenges. One of the less visible effects of the pandemic is the number of grieving students now populating American schools.

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Historic Rise in Child Bereavement as COVID, Drugs and Guns Claim Parents’ Lives

Parent deaths rose 25% in 2020 and the virus explains only a fraction of the increase, with accidental overdoses and gun homicides driving that number.

Asher Lehrer-Small

Biden administration scrambling to get more people boosted before winter

Amid confusion and fatigue, only a fraction of eligible Americans have gotten the new Covid-19 booster.

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COVID’s Impact On Youth

Taayoo Murray Image credit: Photograph courtesy of Terrence C. Jennings.

There’s No Instruction Manual for Parenthood. Books Can Help.

Judith Newman Image credit: Nishant Choksi

Donated COVID drugs start flowing to poor nations — but can’t meet demand

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