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We believe a united America can win the fight against COVID-19.

We have brought many of the nation’s leading experts in public health, education, and the economy together with associations representing state and local leaders and vulnerable communities to take unified action to stop the spread, crush the curve, and safely and sustainably reopen schools, businesses, and other places where Americans gather.

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Children's Collaborative for Healing and Support

Dec 09, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has left hundreds of thousands of children in the United States without parents or other in-home caregivers. COVID Collaborative is working to mobilize government, non-profits, and the private sector to step up and help provide these young people with the supports they need to navigate their grief at this challenging time.

COVID Global Accountability Platform

Oct 19, 2021

COVID Collaborative and Duke University have launched the COVID Global Accountability Platform (COVID GAP). Collaborating with The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and multiple supporters and data sources, COVID GAP is an independent, external accountability hub to track global progress on targets and commitments, including from the Global COVID-19 Summit, and to generate insights and recommendations to translate commitments and targets into life-saving action.

Rural and Conservative Engagement Effort

Oct 19, 2021

As the pandemic continues to have an outsized impact in rural areas, COVID Collaborative is leading a vaccination education campaign to reach the tens of millions of Americans in these communities who are still questioning whether or not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.


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National Rural Business Summit

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