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The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Be Over When Americans Think It Is

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end in the U.S.? Is it over when the president says so, by scientific consensus, or when the public thinks so? Historians of pandemics think it’s mainly the latter.

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Creating High-Impact Coalitions

Public-private partnerships have existed for some time in various forms, but large cross-sector, multistakeholder initiatives are newly resurgent and not yet widely understood. They are more voluntary & relationship-based than formal organizations but more task-directed than networks. They connect otherwise disparate spheres of activity that bear on big problems by aligning powerful actors behind a purpose-driven mission. Once underway, they can harness & utilize capabilities quickly & flexibly.

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The COVID crisis: Past, present, and future

Since the late winter of 2019, the world has been consumed and transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the rise and waning of variants and successive waves of infection, together with the rollout of vaccines around the world and some associated hesitancy related to them, now is a good time to take stock of what we’ve experienced, what we’ve gotten right and wrong about the virus, and what the future might hold.

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Opinion: A pandemic of misery has lessons not to be forgotten. A national commission will help.

No family, city or nation has been untouched by the coronavirus pandemic. A pressing and unmet need remains to understand why it happened, what worked in response and what didn’t, and how to prevent the next one. Four senators, two Democrats and two Republicans, have proposed legislation to create a 9/11-commission-style national panel that would examine the pandemic and help prepare for the future. This bill ought to be approved by Congress.

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Slavitt: Companies requiring vaccines would make 'enormous difference' in fight against Covid-19

Former White House Senior Covid Response Advisor, Andy Slavitt, discusses the growing list of businesses requiring their employees and customers to be vaccinated against coronavirus as the delta variant drives cases up. He tells Stephanie Ruhle that “leading companies need to find a path to vaccinate the workforce.”

Parents are key to ending the pandemic — but will they vaccinate their children?

The U.S. may finally be seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. To reach herd immunity and return to full societal activity and productivity, we will need America’s parents to allow the vaccination of their children.

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