Vaccine Attitude Pulse Surveys

COVID Collaborative and Langer Research Associates will be producing a monthly series of tracking studies on vaccine uptake from January to March 2021. The results of these studies will be published here, and will be analyzed over the course of three months to capture key trends in vaccine attitude to inform vaccine uptake efforts by local, state, and federal leaders.

January 2021 Survey Results

The first monthly tracking study, released February 9, 2021 by COVID Collaborative, reveals that enough Americans (71%) are favorably inclined to get vaccinated or have already been vaccinated to reach the minimum vaccination level considered desirable to achieve population immunity and stop the pandemic. These results highlight the need to both remove impediments to get inclined Americans vaccinated, as well as encourage disinclined Americans, as quickly as possible.

The study, conducted between January 15-25, 2021, finds significant divisions in intended uptake within racial/ethnic, political, geographic, and education attainment subgroups. The study also used statistical modeling to identify the four leading predictors of uptake that, when targeted, can help address these challenges.

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March 2021 Survey Results

The second tracking study, release in early March, reveals that as vaccinations advance, intentions are flattening, with a “wait and see” attitude proving to be a particularly challenging stumbling block.


In addition, this second round of data was analyzed with a focus on key sub groups within the general population. Below we have the reports for the following populations:



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